Chaire Hans et Tamar Oppenheimer en droit international public

28 juin 2010

The first Dean Maxwell & Isle Cohen Doctoral Seminar in International Law

"Implementing International Law in the Domestic Legal Order"

The Hans & Tamar Oppenheimer Chair in Public International Law and the Faculty of Law, McGill University, together with the Centre for Human Rights and Legal Pluralism, the Centre for International Sustainable Development Law and the Labour Law and Development Research Network are pleased to announce the first Dean Maxwell and Isle Cohen Doctoral Seminar in International Law to take place on Monday 28 June 2010, at the Faculty of Law of McGill University, in Montreal.

The Dean Maxwell and Isle Cohen Doctoral Seminar in International Law offers twelve doctoral and post-doctoral researchers with a keen interest in international law, the opportunity to present and discuss their research ideas with fellow researchers and professors from the Faculty.

The aim of the first seminar is to advance the understanding of theoretical and practical dimensions of the interaction between international treaty law, international customary law and other international obligations with the domestic legal order, with due regard to the constitutional setting in federal and unitary states.

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The programme

"Doctoral seminar a recipe for friendly debate", coverage by Victoria Leenders-Cheng and Lysanne Larose, inFocus online.

The papers and bios

You can read the bios by clicking on the names, and the papers by clicking on the titles .

S.M. Yengejeh : “Implementation of Normative Resolutions of the Security Council in the Areas of Counter-terrorism and Non-proliferation of Weapons of Mass-destructions”.

E. Cedillo : “The Continuous Dialogue among ‘Juricultures’ in International Treaty Law”.

J. Etienne : “Implementing International Law through and according to European Law - The Effect of Disconnection and Substitution” (not available).

G. Hudson : “Indigenous Residential Schools and the International Crime of Genocide” (not available).

C. Vézina : “Community Based Responses to HIV/Aids in Quebec : Some Reflexions on the Effectivity of the Right to Health at the Local Level”.

S. Tans : “Ensuring a Level Playing Field in Service Provision, the Requirement of Liberalization of Service Migration”.

K.O. Dogué : “Implementing International Trade Law in the Domestic Legal Order : The Case of UNIDROIT Principles in 17 West African Countries under O.H.B.L.A.”.

E. Lissel : “The Application of Safeguard Measures and the Possible Overlap of Jurisdictions”.

S.K. Agarwal : “Implementation of International law in India : Role of Judiciary”.

A.M. Manirabona : “Broadening the Definition of the Crime of Aggression by Applying the Canadian Corporate Criminal Liability Model.”.

R. de Caria : “The Fork in the Road After Strasbourg : Effective Remedy or Moral Victory ? A Provocative Interpretation of the Duty to ‘Abide by the Final Judgment’ of the European Court of Human Rights, from the Italian Perspective”.

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