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Diana Draganova

Diana Draganova, L.L.M. (Sofia University, Bulgarian Law and International Relations), L.L.B. and L.L.M. (Université de Montréal), has submitted her master’s thesis on the State’s involvement in the electoral process, as a manifestation of its sovereignty, which is intimately connected to the definition of the modern democratic State and the supervisory functions exercised by the European Court of Human Rights.

Prior to her arrival to Canada, she has been a legal assistant and a research fellow at the United High Commissioner for Refugee Representation in Bulgaria. As a fellow at the Institute for Regional and International Studies in Bulgaria, she has worked on the political transition process in the former Soviet Republics. In 2005, she has participated in the summer course « Ethnopolitics in Eurasia and the Middle Est » organized by the Central European University (CEU) Summer University (Budapest, Hungary)( www.sun.ceu.hu).

From 2005 to 2008, she has been a coordinator of the project on the indigenous peoples in Canada under the supervision of professor Pierre Noreau and has worked as a research assistant for professor Andrée Lajoie (Centre de recherches en droit public).

As a legal researcher at the Center for International Sustainable Development Law (CISDL), she has submitted a legal memorandum on the legal and political status of the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples and its implications in Canada (2006).

She is also a research assistant for professor Suzanne Lalonde from University of Montréal. She has studied the economic and strategic significance of the Barents and Bering Seas, the maritime delimitation disputes between Norway and Russia, and Soviet Union/Russia and USA respectively.

She has been an intern with the United Nations Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights (Geneva) in 2003 as well as with the International Bureau for Children’s Rights (Montréal) in 2007.


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